Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Not a set back, just not good flying.

So I think I've been doing really well up til now, but my flight the other day was pretty bad I thought.

April 13th.

So we took off at 3:30pm and started flying around the pattern.  The previous flight prior to this one Mike wanted me to start flying faster around the pattern so that I would A) Not be a clog in the pattern forcing others to fly slower and B) be able to fly around the pattern faster.  So like he wanted, I sped up, and speed up I did.  I went from flying around 90 to 95 knots to flying around 110 to 120 knots.  Now for around the pattern 120 is....too fast.

With these new speeds It got some getting used to for prepping for landing.  So needless to say....I SUCKED!  Hardcore epically bad flying at that.  At least that's how I felt about it.  It was one of those flights where I wanted to land shut down and get out of the plane and figure out what the hell I was doing.  Mike actually assured me that I was doing well, but I was fouling up my landings with being too high and too fast.  Which when I flared at the correct height did all sorts of terrible things to my landing.  I would flare and then rise up so when I stalled before touch down I would end up being too high and make a harder landing than anticipated.

With 7 landings in for the lesson I know I'm not soloing today.  I'm not to bummed about that, I'm bummed about the terrible flying I think I'm doing.  Granted I'm my toughest critic, but none the less it's not good.  So for the last 3 or so I decided that I'm going to fly slower at the pace I'm used to, just to make some semblance that I am a good pilot.  The last few landings were better, not great but better.

Time to think this through.

12.x hours in a life time to learn.

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