Monday, February 20, 2012

Good weather?? FLY FLY FLY!!!!

     So this past weekend was great for flying even though Saturday was pretty breezy.    Even though I've been up in windy conditions before Saturday was pretty unique.  The wind wasn't blowing very hard, around 11-12 knots and gusting around 16 - 18 knots (which made it pretty fun/difficult to land in!).  But it was my first day dealing with cross winds!

     So far in my training I've done most of the take offs except for the beginning and the one on Friday and Saturday.  Mike demonstrated a "cross wind" take off and then I took over and flew out to the practice area just west of Columbus.  While we were up we only practiced a few maneuvers because it was so windy.

     But because it was so windy we got to practice cross wind landings!  While out in the practice area we flew to another airport and did some touch and goes where the wind wouldn't be at exactly 90 degrees perpendicular to the runway.  So I did about 3 touch and go's at the other airport before we headed back to Bolton Field.  I did one touch and go there and one full stop landing.  By this time the gusting was more prevalent but erratic.  Mike had to help me a LOT!  But for my first cross wind landings he said I did pretty good.  He thought better of me than I did. 

     All in all a great day for flying!  An hour up, 5 landings and all this on a Saturday, just after a great flight lesson the day prior!

6 Hours in a life time to learn!

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