Monday, February 20, 2012

A suprise at school

     My buddy Chris and I got to school this morning around 8am.   After we had been there for ten minutes or so one of our class mates came through the door.  Pat is a pilot for Delta (I think it's delta any way) and is a CFII (Certified Flight Instructor Instruments).  After he set his bags down he asked us if any of us wanted to go for a airplane ride later after school.  Of course we said yes.  Now he knows that I'm working on my Private Pilot Certificate.  So he told me make sure when we go up that you sit right seat and I'll let you do the flying.  Now I'm not going to pass up a chance to go fly, especially when he's offering to log it in my log book!

     The plane he flew in on is a Piper Comanche (PA-24-250).  Now just for comparison sake the Cessna 172 I usually fly has a 360 cubic inch engine and has a top speed around 120Knots(and that's pushing it!)100 - 110 knots is a more realistic speed.  The Comanche has a 540 cubic inch engine and has a whole lot more get up and go!  We were doing 130knots and not breaking a sweat!  I think I need a fast plane!

    Now the other great thing about flying this airplane is that it counts not only as training for my private certificate BUT it also counts towards my complex rating once I have my private certificate!  A complex aircraft is one that has All of the following.  1) Retractable landing gear 2)An adjustable prop 3)Adjustable flaps.

   That just blessed my socks off and I'm still excited about it!

Now I've got 6.9 Hours in (.7 hours for complex) and a life time to learn!  This is getting REALLY good, I'm sooooo glad I'm doing this!

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