Friday, December 16, 2011

Flight #2: Hour 2

             December 16th, 2011 was my second flight, and the start of my official training.  Mike Davidson, my instructor, had some family issues he had to deal with and wasn't sure if he could make our 1pm lesson today, I didn't know this.  So one of the guys gave him a call and sure enough he was on his way.  We got started right on time, and got right into the basics of aerodynamics and we had a disscusion on who is right about the theory of how lift is made, Newton or Bernoulli.  He then threw down the "I'm an engineer who graduated from OSU" card and I accepted defeat and we got on with the lesson.  He's happy that I'm so far ahead of the curve on the material he's covering that we can concentrate more on the hands on flying than lecture. 
             Today we took a 50 minute hop around the same area as the last time, London, OH.  Today I did my taxi and take off and did most of the flying.  We concentrated on more maneuvering, slow flight, taxi's and power changes.  After about 35 min we turned and followed the railroad tracks back to Bolton Field.  To this point I had been doing most of the flying and we were approaching the airport from the Southwest and descending to 1700' from 2500'. 
             While we were descending there was another airplane departing to the North on runway 22 (south is 180) so he's already pointed Southwest.  He told the tower he wanted to turn to the right to go North.  He advised him we were there and to watch out for us and us to watch out for him.  As we were getting closer to the airport we radioed the tower to say we couldn't see him and we were going to make a 360 degree turn to make sure we would avoid him.  It wasn't till we were about half way through the turn that we finally saw him and were sure we'd avoid him.  Mike made the landing look easy and let me taxi back to hangar row and he parked it. 

1.8 Hours down and a life time to learn.

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