Thursday, December 22, 2011

No flight but training none the less.

          December 22nd Preflight training:  Due to the weather being less than cooperative yesterday we rescheduled the training and flight for today.  Even though the rain was still a couple hours away, we thought we'd be able to get at least a small flight in after going over some ground information.  The flight was scheduled for noon and I usually leave a half an hour early just to relax and hang out at the FBO(fixed base operator) for a few minutes before Mike is ready for me.  Around 1100 Mike gives me a call and we get to talking about the weather, that it's good enough to fly in, but the training he wants to do requires a little more altitude than we can get to.  Since we'd only be flying around 1500 feet we decided to make a ground training day out of it and leave the flying for tomorrow.
           Today Mike wanted to cover a couple of things before he headed to work at NetJets.  Topic 1 was very short, "Required documents needed for flight".  And this can be summarized in the acronym "A.R.R.O.W".

A - Air Worthiness Certificate
R - Registration
R - Radio License (if traveling out side of the U.S.)
O - Operating Hand Bood
W - Weight and Balance

          The other topic he wanted to cover was what you look for when you're about to fly.  Every time you go up you must do a "PreFlight Inspection" before you fly.  We covered what you need to look for, what all the antenna's are, how to check the oil, fuel and other miscellaneous parts.  It was a pretty quick lesson, about a half hour in all.  Even though we didn't fly I still had a ton of fun learning and just being out there.  Then I got home, and checked if the weather had improved, it got worse and I made it home just in time.

1.8 Hours down and a lifetime to learn

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