Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Weather in Ohio

      Mike and I scheduled my next lesson for today at noon with out looking at the weather forecast.  We had done this once before right after my intro flight.  It was all rained out that day, and I thought to my self, "next time you should really check the weather and have a good idea of when your next lesson should be so you don't have to reschedule a bunch".  After lesson two we set up today's lesson and did I check the weather previous to making that appointment? Nope. 
      Today we had a high of around 44 after we had some cooler days around freezing, this means fog, lots of fog.  Yup still foggy.  Plus there was a nice storm system moving it's way North and East out of Texas that is supposed to cover the area until sometime Thursday.  Next time, I'll check the weather before scheduling another lesson.

Just for reference every thing North and East of (1) hit us today.

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